Carolynn Marie Gockel


  Intensity by Carolynn Crouch (Carolynn Gockel)

University of Illinois : Department of Biology, 2000

  Coronary artery bypass graft - Carolynn Crouch (Carolynn Gockel)


Student work : Coronary artery bypass graft.
The purpose of this assignment was to illustrate a subject first with line in a traditional media and then to apply color later.
Pen and ink, and PhotoShop

  Hip Replacement


Student work : Synergy Hip Replacement System
The sketches from this illustration were made in the surgery room.

  Spine - Carolynn Crouch (Carolynn Gockel)


Student work : Spine
The purpose of this piece was to show the spine in a dynamic way, and to utilize both traditional and computer rendering techniques.
Pastel and PhotoShop